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"Who Gets The Dog When I Die?"™ -A Legal Blog

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Greetings! Thank you for visiting our blog, “Who Gets the Dog When I Die?”.

© 2020 Raye Myers

We plan to post every Friday and topics will vary from serious estate planning subjects to more lighthearted and entertaining thoughts about estate planning, business planning, and intellectual property. On the agenda for future posts are thoughts on disposing of cremated remains, providing for the care of pets during the owner’s disability or death, and the effect of political and medical disagreements on medical decision making in families. We will also be providing recommendations for books we read that might be helpful in the estate planning process (and maybe even a movie review or two!). Unlike formal legal communications, we hope to provide you with stories, anecdotes, and other exciting tidbits along the way.

Please feel free to ask us questions and provide us with suggestions for future topics.

Before we get started, a few of the legal formalities for all posts:

  • No legal blog is complete without a lengthy legal disclaimer and privacy policy! Please read both of our policies before proceeding. Your use of this website and blog signify that you have read and agree with all of the terms provided in our Legal Notice and Privacy Policy.

  • Please note that this website is not intended to, nor does it, create an attorney-client relationship between you and Wilcox & Myers, P.C. You will not become a client of Wilcox & Myers, P.C. merely by commenting on a blog post or sending an email to or calling our office. These materials are designed as a general overview and should not be relied upon for legal or tax advice. Please consult with an attorney and/or tax advisor for compliance and up-to-date information and advice specific to your circumstances.

  • While we may allow comments on some of our posts, all comments will we be monitored and we may delete or exclude comments at our sole discretion.

We are thrilled to present "Who Gets the Dog When I Die?" and we hope these topics will help you enjoy estate planning as much as we do. If you would like our posts delivered straight to your mailbox, please subscribe on the right-hand side of the main blog page.

Thank you!

Wilcox & Myers, P.C.



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