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The attorneys at Wilcox & Myers, P.C. have extensive experience in a wide range of legal services.

  • Wills and Trusts
  • Probate

  • Patents

  • Copyrights and Trademarks

  • Corporate Formation
  • Contract Review


"Providing exceptional estate planning services for exceptional clients®"


This is our service mark and we proudly state it on the wall in the lobby of our office.  However, it often causes clients and potential clients to stop and ask:  "Am I an ‘exceptional’ client?"  The answer is "Yes!  You are!"  This statement is not one about the size of your estate, but rather our goals for the quality of the documents that will help express your wishes with respect to decision-making during your lifetime (if you become incapacitated) and after your death.  You are an exceptional estate planning client not based on the size of your estate, but based on your desire to create a quality estate plan.  


We assist clients ranging from moderate estates needing basic estate plans, to very large estates requiring complex estate planning often with estate tax and Generation Skipping Transfer tax planning.  We do not handle contested matters, and also do not litigate, but we otherwise look forward to creating an exceptional estate plan with you.


The same is true for our service mark “Providing exceptional intellectual property services for exceptional clients™".  We assist clients with inventions of all complexity levels, as well as businesses with a single trademark of concern or an entire portfolio of products and/or service lines.  We believe that every individual or business with an entrepreneurial bent is exceptional, as each presents a unique situation requiring thoughtful planning and careful execution.


Wilcox & Myers, P.C. is also “Providing exceptional business law services for exceptional clients™".  This applies both to our estate planning clients and our intellectual property clients (which also often overlap).  Properly structuring and maintaining a corporation or limited liability company can not only help a business be successful, but can help protect client assets and prevent legal problems down the road as well.


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